The story

Ebba LövenskioldThank you for visiting our website.

I am a Swedish Public Relations Manager, gone Freelance Journalist/Writer and Social Entrepreneur. When the devastating earthquake hit Haiti on January 10, 2010 and up to a hundred thousand people perished, I was vacationing on the other side of the island only hours away, in the Dominican Republic. The experience of having been so close to a major humanitarian disaster affected me deeply and when I  returned to my life in (then) New York, I thought to myself “How can I use my creativity to help make a difference?” With that thought lingering in the back of my head, I eventually decided to act.

The years that followed I returned several times to the island. In 2013, I founded Together for Better, and started spending part-time in the country working with the project. Up until today, the foundation has among other things funded constructions of three schools and a playground. We support one little school on a running basis and supply educational material to 200 children in poverty on a yearly basis. namnteckning ebba lövenskiold