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Together for Better is a small charity that builds & support schools for children living in poverty in the Dominican Republic. Together for Better was founded by Swedish Journalist Ebba Lövenskiold, after vacationing in the Dominican Republic during the major earthquake in Haiti in 2010. Read the story >

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  • Girls lifting girls! 💪🏻 A project like this is about so much more than having fun. Its about encouraging, empowering. About allowing kids to be kids, and letting those who are often in the shadow into the light. #letkidsbekids #girlpower #empowerment #schoolgirl
  • Last day of trip @cirkusprinsessa and her daughter Filippa pulled off a show for all 80 kids. A number of our students were also part of the show, showed what they learned during the week, and made their big debut at cirkus artists 😊 ✨. Thanks  @officerecycling for food & ice cream. Thanks Desirée for donating circus equipment so they can continue to practice. Its been an amazing week and I know the kids will talk about it for a long, long time ❤️ #instagood #school #happy #clown #acrobatics #cirkus
  • Very happy to have @officerecycling and CEO @dinorockstar onboard as sponsors this year. And as if that wasn’t enough: While visiting they have also educated 80 kids in sustainability and told about the waste sorting of garbage we do in Sweden. They have brought 130 breakfasts, 10 big bags of food for the poorest families to bring home, & fundraised money equivalent to some 1200 breakfasts for the kids that today do not bring them 💪🏻👏🏻 Here’s a big high-five to a great cooperation! 
We ❤️ you @officerecycling 
#bettertogether #instagood #togetherwecan #hero #officerecycling #rolemodel #education #advocate #bethechange #socialentrepreneur
  • Second visit to the beach 😍. To all that helped us help these orphans in September: they’re getting school, breakfasts, vitamins, hygiene products, meds when needed. Every now & then also bags of food home through local outreach supporters. #bettertogether #childhood #love @inspirato @officerecycling @journeyconnected 💪🏻✨
  • Day at the beach having fun & practicing acrobatics for the upcoming show in school 💪🏻. @cirkusprinsessa and her lovely daughter Filippa teaching Kely & Stephanie for their big debut as cirkus artists ❤️ #acrobatics #show #school #lift #strengthen #children
  • I love these kids! Sometimes I get a feeling they like me too 😜#love #happy #kids #play #childhood #school
  • In our school we start every morning with a flag ceremony, singing the national hymn and talking about the day. In a place where in many ways chaos is always present, the teachers like to create stability for the kids through routins like this one 😊#instagood #school #everyday #routine #dominicanrepublic
  • Breakfast for 50 kids, big bags of rice, pasta, cans & dry milk for ten families with extra needs, and education in sustainability. Thanks @officerecycling for giving these children a great day today ❤️

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