Our work

The challenge

Many youth in the Dominican Republic are unable to reach their full potential due to low levels of education and high levels of poverty. Historically, the school system in the Dominican Republic produces the lowest educational results in all of Latin America and more than one third of children in the country live in families that survive on less than $5 per day per family member. It is estimated that the percentage of children that receive preschool education is only 16% for those from the poorest sectors.

All children have the right  to primary school education, but unfortunately the reality looks different. Even at schools that are free, expenditures often occur for school supplies and clothes, which makes it difficult for many families to afford education for their children. Many kids also live far away from the nearest school and the way to it can be anything but child-friendly.


Our solution

Together for Better supports education in some of the most marginalized areas in the south-east of the Dominican Republic. The schools are run by women, teachers and local foundations that aim to secure that marginalised children get access to education. The schools that Together for Better supports, all give extra attention to girls education. The goal is that the children learn to read and write to be prepared for higher education in a state- funded school.


Since the start in 2013 the foundation has funded constructions of three schools, two playgrounds and helped hundreds of children with education. We supply educational material to 300-400 children for the entire school year, annually. Without access to a child-friendly environment and good school materials, children do not have the opportunity to reach their full potential.


Our vision

We believe that learning changes lives, and that all children in the Dominican Republic should have equal access to education. Starting from the earliest stage, our vision is to offer young learners a chance to escape a life in poverty.